I Can Achieve It – Destin

Lord I can’t believe this is little Destin.  The same little man I met in elementary school when he and my daughter attended Hugh Goodwin together.  I had such a fun time shooting Destin.  He is a big character and can play any part your give him.  🙂

I’m so proud of Destin and the man he has become.  Destin will be attending Henderson University in the fall and plans to major in Digital Art & Design.

I loved the memories that were made at EHS from beginning to end.  I think of it as a legacy that I’m leaving behind. My favorite song at the moment is Glow by Drake and Kanye West. Something nobody knows about me is that I’m secretly a Beyoncé fan lol. My mom inspires me to be the best person I can be. For there’s nothing I can’t do, only if I truly believe I can achieve it. – Destin

Congratulations Mr. Miller!  I know you will accomplish many great things.

Fresh cut by Jason Fries



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