Find Your Tribe – Love Them Hard

Last weekend had the blessed opportunity to meet and work the Williams family, Mrs. Etta Fae Smith, mom Donnie Williams, Jr., oldest, Christopher Williams, middle child, Nicolas Williams, baby boy, and Tara Williams, baby girl.  They made my heart happy during their entire shoot. They are the SWEETEST family and they teased and laughed the entire time I was shooting.  You can see how much they love each other in every photo I took and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of their family memories, 30 years in the making.
When I asked a few questions about their family I received two different versions. According to Nicolas the Williams family favorite pastime was attending church every Sunday but Sunday breakfasts were the special times.  Nicolas’ version:
“We gathered to talk about the “happenings” in our lives.  Since we have our separate lives and jobs/careers, it difficult to come together as one. However, we managed to come together for this family portrait. It’s been over 30 years since we’ve taken one. It surely made my mom’s day. She called me once I got home to tell me that she was so happy to see all of us together for this special occasion.  I often think that we all should spend family time over dinner at my mom’s at least once in a month. Sunday dinners bring our family together. Hmmm, I should plan it soon! I’m the boss. I’m the one who mentioned getting together for this family portrait.”

Donnie’s version:

“We love to have family gatherings and cookouts! Especially the reunions! At most of the gatherings I’m always in charge! We laugh and talk about the old days when we were coming up! I mostly do all the work getting things together! You name it I do it all just about!”


I’m tickled to death because I know exactly how it feels to be the one in the family that tells the correct version of the story.  🙂  Thank you so much to the Williams family.  I enjoyed you BIG!


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